Concept, Visual Identity, Web Design, Content, Digital Marketing - is one of our projects – an integrated online system for promoting Bulgaria as a tourist destination, Bulgarian tourism and transport services, sites, accommodation, attractions, restaurants, and activities. The platform answers the question “What do you want to do?” by offering destinations and leisure activities, as well as suitable accommodation nearby.

We worked on the identity of at the same time as structuring the platform itself and were able to dynamically develop its visual identity in response to customer feedback. Our goal was to create a perfectly clear graphic vision for the services offered by the website. The name and logo express the essence of – hospitality and movement. We welcome you to “” and continue to work to add more attractive places and opportunities for adventure and relaxation.

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The word mark becomes a monogram when necessary. The modern and laconic sign of brings various visual suggestions. We took the green color from the spring forests and fields, the smooth overflow of the letters symbolizes the constant development, the sea waves and the rounded ridges of the Rhodopes, and the intertwined geometric shapes in the short logo refer to the signs of the ancient Glagolitic alphabet.