Exposition design for Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Bulgaria

The mission of the Ministry of Tourism is to promote Bulgaria as an attractive year-round tourist destination, with a clearly recognizable national identity and opportunities for different types of tourism. This is reflected in the design of the Bulgarian national stand during the HOLIDAY & SPA EXPO.

Our team designs and builds the exhibition stands in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Tourism. The spatial design is based on the variety of different types of tourism in Bulgaria, as well as to provide flexible room for varying number of partners without sacrificing comfortable and functional workplaces for each participant. Freedom of motion, enough space for free movement from the outside to the center of the stand, and additional accessibility options are all crucial elements of this design. On the front wall of the exhibition stand is a video wall or monitor showcasing video promotional materials. In the center, a flexible element carries the tourist logo of the country and additional stylings. With expert lighting, the central, sculptural element shines over the entire exhibition area.