Logo and exhibition design for Pulvis Art Urns

Pulvis Art Urns is a start-up company.  A group of artists, ceramicists and sculptors create models that are far more than traditional urns. With а great attention to the detail, the cremation urns are entirely handcrafted from high quality ceramics, with respect and reverence for the customers.

The specific profile of the company required a particularly careful selection of the means of expression. The extremely precise choice of colors and shapes had to inspire confidence and serenity.

We created a simple typeface logo for Pulvis Art Urns with the idea to promote the name of this start-up company. Elegant and serious, the logo perfectly suits the brand’s core values.

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The concept for the exhibition stand includes a modular design and the ability to multi-use the stand at different exhibitions around the world. One of the challenges included a requirement for the wall structure to convert into cassettes to carry the ceramic exhibits. We designed modular cases with built-in led lighting to expose and store the products.

The color scheme with a dark floor and shading from grey to white tones provides a calm background and visually increases height. The materials, colors and subdued light help the exhibits to live a life of their own and highlight their dramatic aesthetic.