Visual identity and web design for BulAirBase

BulAirBase LTD. is the preferred Bulgarian partner for world well-known flight support companies. For more than 20 years, the company has offered business and commercial aviation services, facilitating thousands of flights and providing consistency and quality service to operators at all 5 international airports in Bulgaria.

For BulAirBase “no” is never the answer and the visual identity we have created fully reflects the company’s principles – stability, consistency and reliability.

The logo is both restrained and aiming for the sky, our goal was to communicate a sense of stability and constant movement forward and upward. The color scheme is calm and serious, the black base grounds the composition and the blue-green suggests the infinity of the sky. This concept continues in the website, which with its simple structure and design provides clear information about the services and ensures a quick connection with the BulAirBase team.