Project for name, visual identity and interior design of a fast-food restaurant in Sofia

The Balkans is a region with a rich mixed culture.  The influence of Oriental, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and other traditions make Balkan cuisine one of the most diverse and multi-colored cuisines worldwide. This new MIX restaurant needed a bold name and identity to fill the niche between the familiar fast-food chains and more formal restaurants in the city, offering a stylish but casual place for healthy dining for the working young professionals.

We developed a brand designed to capture the attention of the target audience. The design for MIX reflects the blend of different and complementary flavors of Balkan and Middle Eastern cuisine.  The visual identity is simple and the color palette is reduced to one bright vibrant color, like a hot, temperamental symbol that synthesizes the hallmarks of the diversity of traditions and tastes.

We used details and textures in the restaurant’s design that illustrate the origins of the meals – a grid typical of the Orient, details of Bulgarian embroidery and rugs, Greek decorative elements, etc.