Concept, organization and design of Culinary Festival "Trapezitsa", Veliko Tarnovo

The concept of Trapezitsa Fest is to demonstrate and promote regional cuisine with its typical products and specialties from all over the country. Tastings of regional recipes prepared by locals attract the public, and producers present their products to major food chains, hoteliers and restaurateurs.

The name of Trapezitsa Fest is a reference to the historic Trapezitsa hill in Veliko Tarnovo, as well as to an emblematic delicacy of the region – ‘Rolle Trapezitsa’, which recently became a Bulgarian trademark within the European Union.

At the same time, the word Trapezitsa also carries the meaning of table, table, feast. In addition to its function as a social regulator in relationships, the table has the specificity of a kind of magic for health, family harmony, general well-being and fertility.

The visual identity combines a juicy colour palette with earthy and warm tones that make “Trapezitsa” a fun place for shopping, sharing recipes and delicious food. The logo is part of the fun – slightly chatty, with intertwined words and cutlery. The system with coloured sections extends to the website of the festival, where it organizes the event in sections and helps you find your way around while shopping.