Conceptual exhibition design - Bulgaria National Tourist Stand

Conceptual project – development of a project for a national stand to present Bulgaria as an attractive tourist destination at international tourism exhibitions.

The main idea of the project is to present Bulgaria as a place with countless opportunities for different types of tourism. To immerse potential customers in a dreamlike atmosphere with unspoiled nature, rich age-old culture and modern comfort.

The color scheme of the stand is based on marketing research, according to which Bulgaria is associated with the colors green and yellow. The overall feeling is youthful and modern, welcoming and sunny. The dark blue floor adding style, contrast and elegance.

The elements that set the overall Experience of Fabulous are stylized trees, designed in white and bright green. White – in front of the walls of the pavilions, whose light glides and brightens the photos. Green – in front of the white reception hall, as a symbol of pure nature and freshness, untouched by time. Placed at a distance in front of the walls, they add depth, the light and color are expressive enough to make the suggestion strong.

In selected photos we tried to avoid the literal suggestions. In this representative stand we try to create an ambience with a unified design and a general message – I want to be there!