Wine cellar "42°9" Brand identity

Name and logo design of Wine cellar 42°9, trademark and labels for a newly built winery located on the north-western slope of Rila, an area with magnificent nature and excellent opportunities for wine development.

The idea for the name is based on the exact geographical location of the winery – village of Smochevo, 42° 9′ north latitude, 23° 6′ east longitude.

A cause for amusement in this project was the explanatory text at the bottom of the labels:

Region: N 42°9′ S 23°6′; Climate: Mild; Country: Bulgaria;

Village: Smochevo; Population: 251; People: Welcoming.

The logo of Wine cellar 42°9 is a visualisation of the N 42°9’ latitude. Upon initial glance it can appear as a playful nod to the alcohol percentage of the drink, drawing in the eye with its unconventional format. Its general form follows the shape of a compass to emphasise its theming.

A broad colour palette captures the vibrant and diverse flora and fauna, seen through the lens of contemporary fine art.

The form of the labels and packaging is triangular – the needle of a compass or silhouette of a mountain, complemented by an active colour palette of bright, clean colours.

The provocative font, non-traditional shape and naming all serve to draw one’s attention even when placed along countless other bottles.