International Tourist Film Festival "On the East Coast of Europe" Visual Identity

“On the East Coast of Europe” is a festival for promotional TRAVEL & TOURISM Video Production from around the world, and official member of the International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals – CIFFT. The themes of the productions shown cover all types of tourism: events, sports, rural, religious, recreational and spa tourism, cultural and historical, fishing and hunting, extreme, mountain and sea, ecotourism, etc.

The mission of the Tourism Film Festival “On the Eastern Coast of Europe” is to promote professional film tourism production, to stimulate the creation of such production and to popularize the leading trends in the field of modern audiovisual culture, in unison with the criteria and needs of the business.

The logo of the festival, is a part of a projection apparatus and a multi-layered graphic, symbolizing the idea of a developing film strip. Alongside with elements typical of classic film technology, we put ‘pin’ icon – a location marker typical of modern navigation systems that points east. The rich color scheme illustrates the abundance of themes, destinations and visual challenges that characterize the festival.