Brand Identity COLOMBIANA – Doña Sandra Selection

COLOMBIANA – Doña Sandra Selection is a completely new brand of high-end Colombian coffee, produced in Santa Elena Los Caimos Farm, which we are developing for the Bulgarian market.

Our work includes creating the brand – name, visual identity, as well as labels, packaging, promotional materials, digital marketing, promotional events.

Few countries are more famous for their coffee than Colombia. COLOMBIANA arrives from the Huila Department (Huila), a mountainous department located in the southwest of the country that produces 18% of Colombia’s coffee. But the value of Huila is not only in the quantity of coffee, it lies primarily in its quality. In 2013, the Huila Department was granted the status of Designation of Origin for a product with unique characteristics specific to the location.

Dominated by small producers who focus on quality rather than volume, Huila has much to offer coffee lovers. Huila coffees have a delicate profile, bright acidity, medium body, sweet, fruity and floral notes, and a caramel aroma.