Exposition Design Sofia Municipality

The concept of Sofia’s exhibition stand is dedicated to the celebration of the 140th anniversary of the city’s proclamation as the capital of Bulgaria.

The silhouettes of landmark buildings are a sparse graphic element that serves as a backdrop for a large-scale spatial accent in bright color. This detail marked the boundaries of a kind of cinema lounge, where visitors to the stand had the opportunity to see a pre-premiere screening of the film “105 Minutes Sofia – the history of the city”.

The full-length documentary film “105 minutes of Sofia” by Kamen Vo Studio is dedicated to the 140th anniversary of Sofia’s proclamation as the capital of Bulgaria and presents all the historical stages that Sofia has gone through to acquire its modern form. Actors from different generations recreate moments from the rich history of the ancient city. Seventy-seven historical personalities who have linked their fate with Sofia come to life in portraits on screen.