Alnusoft Logo Design

Logo design for a company from the IT sector, which started its activity with inspiring Artificial Intelligence projects. The main areas in which Alnusoft will develop are artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning and deep learning, web scraping and data mining, as well as internet security.

The name of the company comes from the Latin name of the messenger of spring, the alder tree – Alnus. The rounded leaves of the alder have a pronounced heart shape, do not change colour during the season and remain fresh and green till winter.

The beautiful shape and the association with spring, durability and long-lasting freshness determine the desire of the owners to use the beautiful, stylized leaves of the alder as a basis for the graphic sign. We designed it in two shades of green, symbolizing the new beginning, combined with the elegant Aldo font, which grounds the graphics and gives stability and classic character to the logo. View more about Alnusoft.